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Frequently asked questions

Despite their small numbers, podiatric surgeons have for some time been over-represented in complaints or notifications to the Podiatry Board. The review was commissioned to enable the Podiatry Board to get an independent view of the current regulatory framework and risks to patient safety, to identify opportunities for any improvements or changes that will better protect the public.

This review has outlined the value of your profession and you will be informed well ahead of time of any updates or changes that may affect your practice. Any changes to the title of your profession, CPD or endorsement requirements will be consulted on and you will be provided an opportunity give feedback.

The review found that issues raised around the title ‘podiatric surgeon’ do not relate to the standard of care provided by the podiatric surgeon. Rather, they relate to clarity and transparency for the consumer about the type of practitioner they are seeing, and the type of training the practitioner has undertaken. So as not to be confused with a medical doctor, a new title is recommended. This change will be consulted on and you will be able to provide feedback.

The final report and full recommendations, along with the Podiatry Board and Ahpra’s response, is published on the review’s webpage.

The review was undertaken by Ron Paterson, Emeritus Professor of Law at the University of Auckland and Senior Fellow at Melbourne Law School. Prof Paterson is an international expert on patients’ rights, complaints, safety and quality and the regulation of health professions and was formerly New Zealand Health and Disability Commissioner and Parliamentary Ombudsman.

Professor Paterson appointed an Expert Advisory Group comprising:

  • Mark Bodycoat, Community member, Medical Board of Australia
  • Heather Buchan, Senior Medical Adviser, Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care
  • Richelle McCausland, National Health Practitioner Ombudsman
  • Luke Taylor, President, Podiatry Council of New South Wales.

The review consisted of an extensive examination of regulation of the sector, a public consultation and interviews with key stakeholders, including:

  • podiatric surgeons
  • podiatrists
  • orthopaedic surgeons
  • peak bodies
  • insurance companies
  • education providers
  • other regulators
  • patients of podiatric surgeons and
  • members of the public.

The public consultation – Independent review of the regulation of podiatric surgeons closed on 16 November 2023 and submissions will be published on the past consultations webpage.

Ahpra and the Podiatry Board will provide updates through the latest news sections on their homepages and via the Board’s review webpage . The Podiatry Board will also keep practitioners updated in their newsletter and during any consultation processes.

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