Podiatry Board of Australia - Endorsement for acupuncture
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Endorsement for acupuncture

In August 2012 the Podiatry Board of Australia consulted on options for endorsement for acupuncture for the podiatry profession.

The Board has decided that it will not establish an endorsement for acupuncture pathway for the podiatry profession under the National Law. If a podiatrist wants to use the title ‘acupuncturist’ or claim to be a registered acupuncturist, then under the National Law they will need to apply for registration with the Chinese Medicine Board of Australia.

The Board will review this decision in three years to assess interest from podiatrists requesting endorsement for acupuncture.

The Board acknowledges that podiatrists are qualified to use needling techniques associated with musculoskeletal treatments in the management of podiatric conditions.

Page reviewed 15/01/2014