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Assessment of applications

When you apply for general registration we will assess your podiatry qualifications against the Board approved qualification requirements listed below. Your qualifications do not need to meet all the requirements.

After we assess your qualifications, we may require you to pass an examination before the Board or its delegate can decide the outcome of your application for registration. If this occurs we will send you a letter advising you of this requirement with information about the examination and how to apply to sit the examination. You can only sit the examination in Australia.

Qualification requirements

 Requirements What we assess  Supporting documents required with your application for registration 
1.  The academic level of your qualification in podiatry is comparable to, at a minimum, an Australian Bachelor Degree at level 7 of the Australian Qualifications Framework. 
  • Certified copy (and translation into English) of degree/qualification certificate awarded to you
  • Certified copy (and translation into English) of your academic transcript

At the time you were awarded your qualification (or completed the program of study leading to your qualification) in podiatry it was

  • subject to quality assurance by a body external to the education institution, and
  • recognised or accredited by the external body, and
  • the quality assurance was based on the following:
    • published accreditation standards for podiatry education
    • published processes for reviewing programs/providers against the accreditation standards
    • an assessment conducted by an individual or team with appropriate expertise in education and in podiatry practice
    • regular review of the program of study such as annual reporting or cyclic re-accreditation
 3. Your qualification was recognised by a statutory registration/licensing body for practice as a podiatrist in the country where you completed the program of study leading to your qualification. Certificate of registration from country where you completed the program of study leading to qualification – does not need to be current
 4. Your qualification in podiatry was awarded by an entity with statutory registration or authorisation to issue qualifications and deliver higher education.  Nil
 5. As part of your studies in podiatry you successfully completed learning outcomes and assessment tasks that map to the Professional capabilities for podiatrists and your ability to practise podiatry in a competent and ethical manner without supervision was assessed in the clinical setting. Nil 
Page reviewed 11/01/2022