Podiatry Board of Australia - Happy Foot Health Week 2022!
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Happy Foot Health Week 2022!

10 Oct 2022

The Podiatry Board of Australia (the Board) thanks podiatrists and podiatric surgeons for another year of hard work to help support Australians maintain the optimal health of their feet.

‘Every year, Foot Health Week gives us the chance to celebrate and reflect on the important role our profession plays in helping keep Australians healthy and active. The work we do, including promoting good foot health, makes a tangible difference in many people’s lives and it’s work we can all be very proud of’, said Cylie Williams, Board Chair.

‘The past year has bought ongoing challenges from the pandemic and the Board would like to thank the podiatry profession for their continuing professionalism and commitment to the foot health of all Australians.

‘As well as reflecting on the past 12 months, Foot Health week gives us the chance to look forward to the future of podiatry. The new professional capabilities recognise cultural safety as a key component of safe healthcare and the revised Code of conduct includes guidance on how you can ensure culturally safe and respectful practice. These are great examples of how our profession continues to keep up to date with best practices to give the best care we can.

‘The Board congratulates you on another year of hard and important work, thank you’, Cylie said.

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