Podiatry Board of Australia - Podiatry regulation at work in Australia, 2014/15
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Podiatry regulation at work in Australia, 2014/15

19 Apr 2016

The Podiatry Board of Australia (the Board) has released its report for 2014/15. 

During 2014/15 the Board’s focus was on building an evidence base to inform regulatory decision-making into the future. This included analysis of notifications received about podiatrists and podiatric surgeons since the start of the National Scheme and a survey about podiatry practice in Australia, including emerging and future challenges for podiatry practice and regulation. The Board also held a roundtable with key podiatry stakeholders across Australia to greater inform and support the Board’s regulatory decision-making.


  • Core registration standards reviewed (for professional indemnity insurance arrangements, continuing professional development and recency of practice).
  • 4,386 registered podiatry practitioners in Australia on 30 June 2015.
  • 6.22% increase in number of registered podiatry practitioners compared to 2013/14.
  • 46.6% of podiatry practitioners are aged under 35.
  • 37 notifications received about registered podiatry practitioners (0.8% of the registrant base).
  • 31% decrease in notifications about registered podiatry practitioners compared to 2013/14
  • 61% of notifications (excluding NSW) led to no further action.
  • Three immediate action cases.
  • 15 registered podiatry practitioners under active monitoring on 30 June 2015 – six due to suitability/eligibility for registration and three each due to performance, health and conduct.

Download a copy of the report below:

Download a PDF of the report.
Podiatry regulation at work in Australia - 2014/15 (186 KB,PDF), Word version (41.2 KB,DOCX)

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