FAQ and Fact Sheets

FAQ on transition from old to new codes and guidelines - March 2014

Document  Description  File  Document date 
FAQ on advertising guidelines Frequently asked questions on the Advertising guidelines that came into effect on 17 March 2014. Word version 
(119 KB,DOCX) 
20 May 2014
Document showing the differences between the current and revised shared Code of conduct The shared Code of conduct, effective from 17 March 2014, with the differences between the current and pending versions of the code indicated in grey highlight.  Word version 
(634 KB,DOCX) 
12 February 2014 



Document name  PDF  Accessible version  Document date 
New advertising guidelines have replaced the AHPRA advertising FAQ PDF 
(155 KB)
Web page March 2014
FAQ: Continuing Professional Development for Podiatrists  PDF 
(367 KB) 
Web page  1 December 2015
FAQ: Endorsement for Scheduled Medicines for Podiatrists  PDF 
(309 KB) 
Web page  20 April 2011 
FAQ: Professional Indemnity Insurance PDF 
(78.4 KB)
Word version
(296 KB,DOC)
10 December 2015 
Renewal FAQ for podiatrists    Web page   
English language skills registration standard FAQ Web page May 2015
FAQ on revised Recency of practice standard commencing 1 December 2016 PDF (153KB) Web page 1 December 2016

Fact Sheets

Document name  PDF  Accessible format  Document date 
New advertising guidelines have replaced the AHPRA advertising fact sheet PDF 
  March 2014
Information for Podiatrists Returning to Practice  PDF 
Word version 
(280 KB,DOCX) 
1 December 2015 
Plan for Professional Development and Re-entry to Practice  PDF 
  30 April 2012 

Further information about advertising

The Board and AHPRA have developed additional information to help practitioners and others understand their obligations when advertising a regulated health service. This information does not replace the Board’s Guidelines for advertising regulated health services.

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