Strategic Plan

The Board has developed a Strategic Plan for 2013-2014, which outlines the Board’s key strategic priorities for 2013-2014.

Our vision

A competent and flexible podiatry workforce that meets the current and future health needs of the Australian community.

Our mission

To regulate the podiatry profession in Australia in the public interest.

Our values

In fulfilling our role:

  • We act in the interest of public health and safety
  • We work collaboratively to deliver high quality health regulation
  • We promote safety and quality in health practice
  • Our decisions are fair and just
  • We are accountable for our decisions and actions
  • Our processes are transparent and consistent

Our key strategic priorities 2013-2014

In accordance with the National Law and our values, we will:

  1. Foster effective and efficient relationships with AHPRA and the Board’s accreditation authority to ensure quality delivery of the National Registration and Accreditation Scheme
  2. Continue to develop, review, update and publish standards, guidelines and policies to provide clear and appropriate guidance to the podiatry profession
  3. Drive national consistency of standards, processes and decision-making
  4. Respond effectively to notifications about the health, performance and conduct of podiatry practitioners
  5. Adopt contemporary business and service delivery models
  6. Engender the confidence and respect of the podiatry profession
  7. Foster community and stakeholder awareness of and engagement with regulation of the podiatry profession
  8. Use data to monitor and improve policy advice and decision-making
  9. Become a recognised leader in professional regulation.
Page reviewed 9/12/2013